Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Late Night With Shariman

IT is 12'30 Am, I am still waiting for my latop to finish installing SolidWorks 2009, which take forever to install. Ain is in Japan now,in Kumamoto visiting Honda factory there, for a week. So she will be back this Saturday night. Fareehah fell asleep pretty early today...I dunno why but for the last few days she keep on insisting to sleep inside the "buaian"...I guess that is her way to deal with the fact that her mom is not arround now. But last time was different when Ain went to Thailand for 4 days. Fareehah slept besides me every night and it was easier to make her sleep back then.

Hmm...should I wait for England vs Belarus match on 2;30 am? We'll see about it later.
Suddenly I am thinking of why there are no competitor for ASTRO. Its like a walk in the park for them.They keep increasing prices on sports channel, less channel compare to typical kind of cable tv and there are no other company around to challenge them. I remember back in Newcastle,they have bt,sky tv, virgin tv, digital tv and some other stuff too that everyone are competing with each other, and the consumer benefit from that situation.I remember paying like 25 pound for phone line, cable tv and internet. Even if we converted that amount to RM which will be about RM 130, it is damn cheap.Currently I am paying RM 110 for a crappy internet service, and RM 80 for ASTRO. I hope some company like virgin media will come here and start promoting cheap cable tv, phone and internet packages that will make TM net and astro shit their pants off.

Update the Blog will You???

It’s been a while since my last post here. Lot’s of stuffs going on since then. Let me condensed some of the stories.

1. Klang Hospital Story

I like watching that drama,HOUSE… but I never tough that I will be (was) on the receiving end of emergency unit treatment center…well at least not now during my late-20’s. On the 7th of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, around 8.00 AM I was rushed to the Klang Hospital Emergency Unit. During that time, I felt a massive pain on my right rib, like something is going to explode and I couldn't breathe, I can barely talk and walk, I felt that my body was under fast-pace dehydration process, I couldn't feel any moisture on my throat and I am thinking am I dying?

I yelled like a crazy person for about 5 hours in the emergency unit, pain killer did not worked, even a dose of morphine couldn't shut up my mouth during that time, let alone making me fall asleep. Around 2 .00 PM after they gave me some medicine that I don’t know the content are,the pain started to ease, and I was transferred to the surgery wad.

They told me it was a cholelithiasis, caused by gallstone inside my gall-bladder.

I was surprise for few minutes, in denial stage it seems to be, but then I thought that this is not a rare thing to happen nowadays. The next day I had a Ultrasonic Scan to confirm the gallstone, at indeed there are multiple stone seen, a big one and few ( 2 small stone I think) small one.

I asked them to transfer the case to hospital in Penang and few days later I was allowed to leave Klang Hospital and went back to Penang.

Today, the gallstones are still inside my gall-bladder and I was thinking of undergoing Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, removal of the bladder. Maybe it will be done in the next few weeks from now. Well, you just never knew what will hit you, it just came like a crazy train smashing you, right on your face. Hmm…there goes one gall-bladder that I will never see again (after the procedure), just thinking...when people said things like “I felt like a part of me is missing… I am so lonely..” kinda line…do they really felt that?

2. New Baby… InsyaAllah

Next year Insya Allah they will be a new member in my family, my wife is currently pregnant (9 weeks), 2nd child it is and we are really excited about this. Hopefully everything goes well InsyaAllah. I know Fareehah will be a good sister because she has the kindness and loveliness attitude to small children.

3. KDX400

Finally my engine arrived from the US. I am so happy, straight away dismantling the engine to see the inside of the engine. This engine, Kawasaki kdx400, a 2-STROKE dirt bike, is awesome! It has this huge bore (80mm) and even without the engine head you can feel it compressing hard while cranking it. I will convert it to a diesel bike. So lots of hard works are required here.

4. 6 MONTHS as a PhD Student

It is already 6 months since I registered as a student here in USM. Time flies… wishing I have more time, wish I worked harder for the last 6 months, I felt that my productivity could be better during that time. But the truth is, could I? Or would I? Should I? I know that as a scholarship holder it is my responsibility to study as best that I can, it is my duty. But since I am a student and have flexibility on my schedule (most of the time), I think it is a privilege that I should take to spend more time with my family as well. Of course I have to cover back any unfinished work late on night (where the productivity is less,in my case). But my goal is to finish my study on time with great results and also spend quality time with my family. God knows the all works waiting for me after I finished my study. Prof. H already planned lots of great work for our team, and I guess I will be involved in lots of the future work here in USM.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Penang Second Bridge

Well, well,well... I am confuse about the status of this Penang second bridge. Is the project on? Off? I got so many answers from one same question. On but currently on-hold, on and progressing well, completely off, off and waiting for re-approval to get back on, on and off and on and off(this is my favourite one)...and on again. Well if anyone really know the status, please let me know okay.

I am really excited if the bridge project is on because it is not that far from my home now. Going to Penang will be so easy. I hope they will properly and strategically organize the development surrounding the second bridge. It will be a waste if they blew it off, nothing is worse than a new but unorganized development/town/city.

Tearjerker....well,not so

"My mouth fell open

Hoping that the truth

Would not be true

Refuse the news

I'm feeling sick now

WTF am I supposed to do

Just lose and lose..."

It is easy for any Man Utd fan to feel sad and sentimentally disturbed during C.Ronaldo's official presentation ceremony as a Real Madrid player last few days. The amount of goals scored, the amount of assists made, the ground covered, the minutes played and many more of his contribution to the team simple will be remembered. Some will not forgive him to ditch Man Utd and move on but I think many others also understand how he felt about Real Madrid. Real Madrid is not the biggest club in the world nowadays but they will remain as the greatest club for most of the brazil,portugal and spain-based fan. Like us in Malaysia, Man Utd will always be the greatest club in the world. So I personally wish C.Ronaldo best of luck in the Primera Liga this year. I think he could do well there,but we'll see.

Meanwhile, Man Utd have made 3 additional player to their senior squad. Luis Antonio Valencia(Winger/mid from Ecuador), Micheal Owen(Striker from England) and Gabriel Obertan(Winger/Forward from France). There are no indication the new inclusion will stop there,and I think few more new faces with soon join Man Utd.

Post-life after C.Ronaldo, will not be that different. The goal,assist will come I sure. In fact, the re-building of the new team will be focus around Wayne Rooney,the true star of Man Utd. I am more worried about loosing Rooney rather than Ronaldo. Speed, goal, assist can be replace but loyalty and affection are not.So for me, loosing Ronaldo is not that bad, it will be great to see Man Utd play this new season with a few new faces. Good luck Ronaldo,we will not miss you.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

This week...

My wife, Ain ,went to Vietnam today with her HONDA team for business trip. She will be there for about 4days. I am a little bit worried that my daughter, Fareehah will not get used to it( I know Ain won't!...heh,sure rindu giler kat Fareehah tuh). We never leave her that long before. I am sure everything will just turn out to be okay eventually, but this is just a father concern about her daughter. Previously when I went for USM trip for few days, Ain had done great job dealing with the situation. I hope I can do it just fine too. I also think this is a good opportunities for me to spend more time with Fareehah. So what to do Fareehah? Will you teman abah tengok live football game around 2:00AM tonight? Do you want to follow abah go to sport equipment shop later today? Do you want to play tennis with abah tomorrow evening? about a trip to abah's office? Lets hang out in the USM library afterwards...(although you can't enter the library because you didn't have USM smart card..). things to do ya.....wish me luck!!

Champion of the PERODUA ECO-CHALLENGE 2009

USM won!Remember the Perodua Eco-Challenge 2009 entry that I wrote few months ago? Well guess what, my university won the challenge. We got two 1st prize, one in the engineering presentation category and another in the longest distance category for automatic transmission. I am very proud with our USM team. I think this is quite a big achievement to us. Next,Shell Eco-Marathon, and we need to work even more hard this time because it's an international level competition. About the Perodua Eco-Challenge,I hope Perodua will organize this competition annually because we surely want to defend our status as the champion, winning is not easy but defending what you have won is more difficult. So guys, more effort please!! We did proved that with a proper understanding of the concept,technology and systems, we can make improvement. On the race day we get 23.5km with 1 litter of gasoline. Pretty great huh!

Now, about the whole competition,my view point is this competition theme still lacks the ECO aspects. I know that their theme," by consuming less fuel, we are reducing the pollutions as well"but the point is I did not clearly saw that "we are going towards a better environment quality" kind of theme in these competition. What I see is " Buy Perodua cars because we have better fuel consumption compared to Proton".Perodua should use such opportunity to show to the world that they are not just thinking about profit through an "advertisement competition". They should involves more environmentally aspects of things. I didn't even see any "recycle garbage bin"(separated to glass, paper,can etc.) around on the race day. I did saw WWF booth, but that just it. It is more like a funfair with them doing the "hullahoop shoot the duck and you won a teddy bear" booth. Its a circus. I know that the race day should be a fun day for everyone, so are we having fun yet?Anyway, it is the 1st Perodua Eco-Challenge, so lets work together to improve the competitions. This could be a great annual competition and if they really make it right, it will only be in a matter of time before this competition becomes an international challenge,with many oversea universities wanting to participate in it,which will be great for our country.
So guys, really proud of you.What a great sets of people we got here in USM!

(pictures taken from Henry,thanks buddy!)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Number 3

Three years already? Feels more like three days. How time flies so fast. In my early twenties, me and few of my friends, we sort of made a pack. Our pack was “We will stay single as long as we can to enjoy bachelorhood and only will start to think about marriage when we reached 30 years-old. Guess what…I think I was the first person to broke the pack when I was 26, and so did some of my other friends which decided that its time to move on to family life. So now, most of the so called “Single till I’m 30” club members are married and also already have at least 1 child. Well that’s life. You never know what will hit you. You can make plans, stick to the plans, but sometimes Allah provides you with a better one.
The truth is, I never really miss bachelorhood live. Yes, we have some fun back then, I always enjoy hanging out with my friends but nothing beat what I have now with my family. Waking up every morning besides the person you love, seeing your precious little princess still in deep sleep with her cute tiny fingers move a little bit when you kiss her cheek, coming back home from crazy day in office and your daughter/son running towards you with the her most anxious and happy face before grabbing and hugging your leg, hanging out in the living room with your wife after dinner… chit chatting, gossiping, and so many other great little details that you experience in this live as a family men that makes you wonder, am I destined to be this lucky? I know I am not the richest person or the most famous person in the world, but the happiness that I feel is so great and real, I don’t need to fantasized about anything, my life is spectacular and I am thankful for Allah for everything in my life.
Time move so fast, I will be 30 next year and guess what, Allah revised my early plan, I am 4 years ahead of my plan. Now, there will always be at least 3 extra years of happiness in my whole life, no matter when I die. Alhamdulillah.
Oh, by the way…happy third anniversary Honey! I love you!!!